Sunday, 27 February 2011

2011 Oscar Predicitons

So tonight is the 2011 Academy Awards, or Oscars to you and me - so what movie commentator is worth his salt by not making a comment on who will win what. Before you go on please note I've not seen many of the nominees this year (I managed to see 8/10 of last years best picture nominees) so some are based on opinions and others guesses from what I hear / see / feel about the film.

Best Picture – The Kings Speech - This is a close race between The Kings Speech and Social Network. Kings has the momentum but the academy may vote for their countrymen. Don’t count out Black Swan as the underdog here though

Directing - Darren Aronofsky - I’m going with the left field choice here as I feel many of the judges may just want to balance the books out here

Actor in a Leading Role - Colin Firth - This man has the shortest odds to win this accodlade and the only close challenger in my opinion is James Franco – acting on your own to camera is hard and this should at least be acknowledged

Actor in a Supporting Role – Christian Bale - From what I hear Bale goes above and beyond what any normal actor should have to do for a role and completely imitate the guy. Don’t be surprised if the vote swings to Geoffy Rush though

Actress in a Leading Role – Natalie Portman - This really is looking like a dead cert here – not a strong category for competition

Actress in a Supporting Role – Helena Bonham Carter - Ah now this is a good mixed back here, while Helen has the talk here I would say keep an eye out for the young gun who could sweep in here in the form of Hailee Steinfeld

Writing (Adapted Screenplay) – The Social Network - An interesting tale and well told

Writing (Original Screenplay) – Inception - Of all the nominees I feel this is clearly a winner as its not based on a book or actual event but made up which makes the best film

Animated Feature Film – Toy Story 3 - I would say a close 2 horse race between How To Train Your Dragon and Toy Story but for me it just has that little extra point to win this one

Art Direction – Inception - This is a truly stunning piece of art and should be acknowledged as such

Cinematography - The Social Network - From what I’ve seen this is a well shot and edited piece of work

Costume Design – True Grit - Again from what I’ve seen the film does have stunningly accurate costumes here

Music (Original Score) – Hanz Zimmer – Inception - I listened to this outside of the movie and it just gets me. Clearly Zimmer has it here

Music (Original Song) – “We Belong Together” – Toy Story 3 - Come on, have a heart!

Sound Editing - Inception - See below

Sound Mixing - Inception - The whole sound feel adds to the movie and makes it a whole

Visual Effects – Iron Man 2 - Come on did you see Whiplash? And the armour effects? But could lose out to Alice in Wonderland

Documentary (Feature) – Exit through the gift shop - Clearly this one has taken the movie industry by storm and is a good piece

Film Editing - The Social Network - Again well shot and edited

Foreign Language Film “Biutiful” - It’s the only one I’ve heard of!

Makeup – The Wolfman - Clearly this one needs a nod for the hard work put into it – even if the movie did suck

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  1. If "The Kings Speech" doesn't win, I'll be disappointed. It has so much more classic appeal when compared to "The Social Network" which, while good, is a bit topical. I'm incredulous as to how it'll hold up.