Monday, 16 August 2010

Shrek – Forever After / Shrek - The Final Chapter / Shrek - please can we come up with something better to show this is the last one please (after)

After that nightmare that was Shrek the Third we finally get back on track with this final Shrek film and we go back to that good old story what if I’d never been born story (like we haven’t seen this before!). We start the film with everything being good but we slowly see how life isn’t so green (excuse the pun) when you have to grow up (Me? It’s never going to happen). So he makes a deal with the villain of this film, Rumplestilskin – hilarity ensues as Shrek must convince the world of who he is and show Fiona what true love is. I suppose the story would echo well with the male member of the family who now have kids, while the kids think the whole film is hilarious – me? I thought the film look great and once again 3D proved useless (sorry not a fan of the thing) and only added to the one scene where Puss really was given depth as he jumped (or rather tried to since in this film he is a VERY fat cat) in the air as Donkey jumps into the conversation and poor Puss’s fur is all on end. All in all a good family movie and a fitting end.

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