Monday, 3 January 2011

NFL 2011 Play off predictions - round 1

Ok so this is a little different to my usual posts, this one is going to be about SPORTS! Yes shock horror this is all about sports, more narrowly the NFL 2011 play off predictions - which I do every year and manage to get wrong oh so many times.

So here's the simple play, no scores (too difficult to predict) just the game and who will win the game with a brief bit about the game. So here we go:

New York Jets @ Indianapolis Colts - Colts to win

So this is a tough one to call. The Colts are not my favourite team and I can say that the Jets are not too high up in my all time team list either. While the Colts have had some injury issues this season and the Jets took a couple of pounding's towards the end of the season which makes this a tasty game. I'm going to go against my gut and say the Colts to win purely on the basis of they are an experienced team with a QB (P.Manning) who is lethal!

Baltimore Ravens @ Kansas City Chiefs = Ravens to win

The Ravens are a team who can bring a surprise to any game and this is the play off's so the Chiefs are in for a torrid time here. I can see this game being good for about 3 or the 4 quarters with one of these quarters to just be a blow out and this is where I think that Ravens will run over the Chiefs with about 2 or 3 touchdowns depending on if they push for the turnovers

Green Bay Packers @ Philadelphia Eagles - Eagles to win

Another interesting game here. In week 17 the Packers beat the Bears and the Eagles lost to the Cowboys, but the things is that the Packers HAD to beat the bears to get a play off place while the Eagles already had the place and so took a chance to rest a few key players ready for this big first round game. I would say that this is going to be a close game and a lower score game but it could be a very interesting game

Seattle Seahawks @ New Orleans Saints - Saints to win

So in the big final game of the year the Seahawks (finally) clinched a place in the play off's thanks to a win against the Rams (which I did think would happen in part to the weather). As for their opponents they are the defending champions and they are playing in the first round. Some people would think that they wouldn't be here. So the game - this is either going to go two ways - 1) The Saints steam roller the Seahawks into some form of Seahawk pie (most likely scenario) or 2) The Seahawks pull off a play off magic moment and beat the Saints in a hard fought battle.

So there it is my predictions for round 1 - Colts, Ravens, Eagles, and Saints all to progress - but don't forget that phrase "anything can happen on any given Sunday"

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