Monday, 10 January 2011

TRON: Legacy - all flash but no substance?

So if you’ve lived under a rock for the last few years, a sequel to the 1982 (yup it’s that old!) ground-breaking film Tron. This film is now set 25 years after the original film took place and we have Flynn’s son as the main character of the film now while his dad went missing back in 1989. Encom (the company in the film) has fallen under the control of an evil bored which pokes fun at Apple and Microsoft (more the latter) while the son of Flynn is the majority shareholder and more of a wild child rebelling against what this company stands for.

Now I saw this film in IMAX 3D so I had the giant 3D glasses on which bug me, and I’m not going to get into this because I can and will jump up and down for hours on this! The film looks amazing and with the digital shooting of this film it looks superb and this is in part thanks to the use of the same visual effects studio as Avatar. This takes what Avatar had and moves it forward and creates a stunning look with a heavy black and sharp stand out colour such as Orange, Yellow, or White.

Beyond the visual look, the film’s story is … erm ….. oh boy …. mediocre at best as explore themes such as creationism, the god complex, perfection, abandonment, and life in general. I can’t really say this is a film that would have me on the edge of my seat and feels at times like it bumbles along for a while we are waiting for the next sequence or an explanation about a plot point that may be of some use to the audience in this (or the next film). There are a few twists to be played in this (and the following films / TV series) which are predictable but will be good in the end.

There is a small saving point to this film and that lies in its soundtrack, done by the electronic legends Daft Punk. It is fantastic to listen to on its own, but put it with this film it adds another level to the film with an electronic tone being created within the film and should be a must buy for any fan of soundtrack music in general – never mind a fan of Daft Punk

Really TRON: Legacy in summary is all flash and no substance, as it looks good but just really lacks that killer punch. Personally I would say that this is a film that I will buy on HD as many stores will use this as the HD demo as it really does show what HD can do (you can go and blow the 3D element out you’re blow hole!!)


  1. 3 words...... Olivia Wilde 3D.....!!

  2. I kind of feel you miss the point if you expect a good story from a sequel to TRON. For what it was, I think it was one of the best reasons to go to the cinema in 2010.

  3. Oh no by all means I did't expect something worthy of an Oscar for writing here I'm just making a comment that this film was more flash over substance which there could have been a bit more of