Monday, 10 January 2011

Sherlock Homes - A bit late but, better than never

A bit late to the party with this one since it came out back in summer of 2009, but thanks to 2009 being a good year for movies I kind of missed this one. Anyway, this is the Guy Richie take on the classic Sir Arthur Conan Doyle with Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr taking the parts of Dr Watson and Sherlock Homes respectively.

The film is a good action movie which takes place in the 1800’s and is a good hoot! However within about 30 seconds into the opening scenes I wanted the throw the remote at the TV, why? Well the sets looked terrible (I was watching it in HD), it was an outside scene in London at night – and clearly the buildings looked like painted walls while you could clearly see that the place had a ceiling! So after giving the film a break (and putting down the remote) it flowed very well and did get a lot better with some decent action sequences and a well-acted piece of work.

Downey Jr plays Sherlock as the drug addled troubled genius while Watson is the man who keeps Sherlock on the rails. I believed Jude Law as Dr Watson, while Downey Jr? Well I see him more as Tony Stark, but I guess that’s a testament to Iron Man as being such a great film. The film’s twists were predictable and able to be explained by logic and some science – but that may just be me with my obsession with the CSI series?

Overall this film is able to sustain an audience for a few hours and with the original source material being so in depth and these movies being so close (so I’m told) to the books then it’s a decent movie, and something that should be at least watched once by people, as for DVD? Maybe crack it out every once in about 5 years if you’re bored.

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